Great Lakes Watersports-renting water sports equipment in Cleveland's flats

 We are happy to announce our opening day is Friday May 24 at 11 AM.with the last watercraft leaving our dock at about 4 PM. Since it is pretty chilly today.

Boats are available for rental on line or call 216 771 4386.

 Jet skis are $110 per hour (with a $500 refundable secruity deposit if the ski is returned to our dock in the same condition it left) and are first come first serve. Kayaks are $25 per hour for a single and $30 for a double and are  first come first serve. Thank you!

About Us

We have 16 single Kayaks and 8 double Kayaks for your urban paddling pleasure!

We have four power boats available for rental. We do not control the bridge. We do not charge you if you are late because it is down. Charges start when you leave our dock.

We have 7 jet skis ready to go for you!

We pride ourselves in educating all riders. Jet skis are first come first serve. We do not accept reservations for jet skis.

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Please email us at

We are open for the season and looking forward to a great summer. We rent Boats in Cleveland, Kayaks in Cleveland and water sports equipment

Great Lakes Watersports

1148 Main Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 44113, United States

(216) 771-4386


We are open six days a week. Closed Tuesday. We open at 11 AM and the last watercraft leave our dock at 5:00 PM. Jet ski rental may be ended earlier at management discretion.